Monday, 9 July 2012

One Voice Fundraiser

The One Voice fundraiser has been set up to assist Gala Phoenix of Curio skins raise the money to fight an Sler that has taken her to court (see Curio blog for details).

Well over 100 stores are taking part in this event donating either 100% or 50% of sales to the cause. The show of solidarity between the content creators is overwhelming and hopefully sending out a strong message to intellectual property thieves that we will not stand back and let our hard work be stolen unchallenged.

I have made 2 sets for the event both L$295:

This partial mesh necklace and earring set donates 100%.

This necklace and earring set with the triquetra symbol has colour change gems with 6 colours to choose from and donates 50%.

You can also buy both these sets, both donating to the fundraiser, and a donation jar in store.

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