Saturday, 16 July 2011

B.Unique with DCD

B.Unique is now open and DCD is very proud to be taking part in this wonderful event.

B.Unique is a group of designers who will take turns in creating either a new item or a special colour of a current item and will sell these at the B.Unique location for one week or until 50 have been sold.

Being the opening event the founders of this event have all created an item and they will be on sale for two weeks as there are five items out this time.  I am one of the lucky stores to be in the group of founders and have created an item completely different than anything I have done before.

This shabby chic style bow necklace is on a silver chain and is textured with a purple and flower cotton material.

For more information about B.Unique and to see the other items available please visit the blog: B.Unique Blog
Or visit the Flikr: B.Unique Flikr