Thursday, 31 January 2013

New flagship store for DCD

DCD has a new home that is bigger cuter and more inspiring on Juicy.

After getting down to only 11 prims at the Dreyfus store I decided it was soon going to be time to move, just as the decision was made Gorgeous Yongho sent a message to say she had a spot on the Juicy sims and after talking it through with my SLister, it was going to be such a huge move as it over doubled possibly tripled the space, jumped at the opportunity and within the week our new home arose.

We couldn't just have the store without a touch of Sway so added the cute beach hut (with a LM giver to her store obviously). I am planning on adding 7Seas fishing at some point in the future and may even hold a few tournaments.

The store currently has 3 rooms, the main room has the gift cards, information, group joiners etc. and will have a discount section added to it later. The second is the main room with all the ladies sets split between regular and goth style, the third room contains the mens and unisex items and also separates i.e. piercings and tiaras/circlets, hopefully all easy to see and find.

I hope everyone likes the store as much as I do and if anyone has any constructive criticism please do IM me inworld, if it's not implemented it's not because I didn't pay attention it would be that it wasn't feasible or didn't work.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Wash 10L Cart Sale Black Event

It's been quiet here at DCD due to RL getting in the way as it always does but there are four events coming up in November and December. The first is The Wash 10L Cart Sale black themed event, as always there are lots of bargains waiting for you to snap them up at a measly 10L each and lets face it we all love that much of a bargain.

Here are DCD's offerings for the event:

The Wash Cart Sale is here